Band of Rodrigues Brothers: Redefining luxury

While luxury was the key highlight for holiday homes earlier, today it is all about safety and privacy. In an exclusive interaction with ETTravelWorld, Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues and Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues of Bennet & Bernard Group, talk about the present market for luxury holiday homes and the structural and functional changes that Covid-19 has brought about in business.

Over the years, the luxury holiday home business in India has witnessed significant prominence and appreciation, making it one of the most dynamic segments of the real estate sector. Many people today are looking for a retirement holiday home, with millennials especially looking to invest in destinations like Goa as their get-away destination from the busy city and chaotic lives. While demand for these homes is driven primarily by high-net-worth individuals, the upper-middle section of the society is also fuelling the demand for luxury holiday homes. The increase in purchasing power has accentuated investment potential and owning a luxury holiday home is also an increasing trend for next generation buyers who look at it as a luxury living and also as a good investment option with better rental yields. The Rodrigues brothers- Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues and Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues have understood just that.

The co-founders of Bennet & Bernard Group acknowledge that over the past few years, Indians have become increasingly aware of the need to maintain a healthy work-life balance and a shift in approach to life.